Monday, March 30, 2009

Polluted Inheritance - Ecocide (1992)

1. Faces
2. Dissolved
3. Eaten
4. Memories of Sadness
5. Substance of Existence
6. Fear
7. Stillborn
8. After Life
9. Rottings
10. Look Inside
11. Ecocided

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Technical Death Metal

" This is P.I.s Debut album on the little known West Virginia Records "

" The best description for this album would be: Death metal in a hybrid style that includes crazy rhythms, such that incomplete rhythmic patterns provide a continuity through our anticipation of the final beat established through contrast of offbeats as necessary, and sounds as a result somewhere between Exhorder and Malevolent creation, with verse riffs that resemble later work from Death.....Did ya get all that? "

" This was the bands most straight forward album..Probably leaning in the Death camp the most. Fairly sterile sounding...Technical...Low emotion Death Metal played with style "

Fans of Death,Pestilence etc...Check it out......

Seal Your Fate!..........Get It!

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