Sunday, March 15, 2009

Believer - Gabriel (2009)

1. Medwton
2. A Moment In Prime
3. Stoned
4. Redshift
5. History Of Decline
6. The Need For Conflict
7. Focused Lethality
8. Shut Out The Sun
9. The Brave
10. Nonsense Mediated Decay

Origin - USA
Style - Progressive Thrash/Death Metal

" Believer returns with their first full length in 16 years ! "

" With the opening track “Medwton” one huge seething mass of crushing jagged thrash riffs, scathing vocals and an injection of melodic solo work from guest guitarist Deron Miller (CKY/World Under Blood). This is only the beginning...."

" There are keyboards sprinkled through out..but very subtle...There are loads of catchy riffs in here and blistering solo's...And of course the progressive passages in every track "

This is quite the comeback in my opinion....Much more straight forward than I expected !...Thankfully gone are the female operatic vocals and such... Instead with Gabriel the band has managed to bring back that old-school thrash sound, but also mix in a large dose of technicality and originality while still sounding very current.....

Damn Straight !.......Get It!
They have it.......

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