Monday, March 23, 2009

Necrony - Pathological Performances (1993)

1. Rigor Mortis Sets In
2. Dexterous Embryectomy
3. Submassive Necrosis Disgorgement
4. Gynopathological Excav-Eater
5. Accumulation Of Exudate
6. Ocular Obliteration
7. Pro-Rectal Carnage
8. Excavated, Eviscerated And Emaciated
9. Effervescing Discharge of Putrescent Corpulence
10.The Squirming Worms
11. Acute Pyencephalus And Cerebral Decomposure
12. Funeral Ferocity

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Grind Metal

" Necrony was a Swedish death metal band formed by Rikard Alriksson and Anders Jakobsson. Later on the two formed a side project called Nasum which came to be so much more than a side project and therefore Necrony was later on laid to rest "

" Necrony used the classic Gore/Death/Grind style of General Surgery mixed with some early Carcass worship. There are some blasting moments, heavier more bizarre sounding riffs as well as punching Death metal beats. A few melodic tremolo Death metal riffs à la old Hypocrisy are in here as well "

Great Death/Grind on the Infamous 'Poserslaughter records'

Thor....Made the nice call on this one.....Hailz !

Day DiSyraah !...........Says !

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