Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Autumnia - O´Funeralia (2009)

1. In Heavens... Among the Tombs
2. Blessing Your Illness
3. Falling Asleep With Entreaty
4. Breathe Your Mourning Into Me
5. By The Candles Obsequial

Origin - Ukraine
Style - Doom/Death Metal

" The Ukraine's Autumnia again delivers an impressive album for fans of melodic doom metal. The music is quite slow-paced, utterly melancholic and sorrowfilled "

" What you can expect is pure doom that is quite fresh and original. The riffs are heavy, but at times quite melodic with the occasional clean guitar picking often reminding me of Draconian. Vocally: Deep deep Growls and the occasional clean chorus..but not much "

I highly recommend this album to anyone who’s into melodic doom/death metal, filled with sorrowful and dark passion !
For fans of: Swallow The Sun,Draconian, etc...

Sorrow & Solitude !.......Get It!

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