Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morpheus - Son of Hypnos (1993)

1. Depths of Silence
2. Through the Halls of Darkness
3. God against All
4. The Third Reich 3797 A.C.
5. Of Memories Made (The God of Dreams)
6. Memento Mori
7. Among Others
8. Inflame the Mass
9. Wonderland
10. Dreams

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" One aan only full-length Recorded At Unicorn Music Studio,9-12 April 1993 "
" Morpheus ( formerly Exhumed )was formed in Stockholm by ex-Carbonized members Markus Rüden, drummer, and guitarist Stephan Ekström. The line-up was completed with bassist Johan Bergebäck "

" As Exhumed, the group marked their entrance in 1990 with the demo 'Obscurity'. Exhumed became Morpheus. Morpheus released the 12" ep, " In The Arms Of Morpheus " in 1991 on Opinionate Records. " In The Arms Of..." features guitarist Janne Rudberg (Mastication). Janne Rudberg went on to join Excruciate in mid -1992 "

" Sebastian Ramstedt later made his mark with Necrophobic and Nifelheim. Johan Bergebäck went on to join Nifelheim, and Necrophobic and later joined Dismember in September of 2004 "

Another of the lost Swedish relics.............

Obscure Desolation !..........Get It!

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