Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hatesphere - To the Nines (2009)

1. To The Nines
2. Backstabber
3. Cloaked In shit
4. Clarity
5. Even If It Kills Me
6. Commencing A Campaign
7. The Writing's On The Wall
8. In The Trenches
9. Aurora
10. Oceans Of Blood
11. The Coming Of Chaos (Live) - Bonus Track
12. Cloaked In Shit (Live) - Bonus Track
13. In The Trenches (Demo) - Bonus Track

Origin - Denmark
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" This is the sixth full length album for the Danish Death/Thrashers "

" Armed with a new line-up and produced by Tue Madsen..Hatesphere comes in with a more melodic approach this time. The production is great for modern Metal...Im not sure about the outcome....A few more listens maybe.."

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