Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cancer - Death Shall Rise (1991)

1. Hung, Drawn And Quartered
2. Tasteless Incest
3. Burning Casket
4. Death Shall Rise
5. Back From The Dead
6. Gruesome Tasks
7. Corpse Fire
8. Internal Decay

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal

" Cancer started out in Telford, Shropshire (Uk) way back in 1987...Released a great debut 'To the Gory End' and followed with 'Death Shall Rise' their second release "

" This album is particularly immense as it features a certain James Murphy on lead guitars (James re-located to the U.K for a short period after he left Death), so it features a fair bit of Spiritual Healing styled melodic technical guitar solos which fits right in over the Bolt Thrower-esque thrashy death riffage this album is so ridden with "

" If you're a huge fan of the earlier death metal bands, especially those that started out on the Roadrunner roster, you'll love this. It's an essential album to plug a gaping gap in the collection of those that proclaim a love of rhythmic, thrashy death metal...."

No Fuckin Cover !..........Ok !

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