Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dead Head - Depression Tank (2009)

1. Dissolved In Purity
2. Green Angel
3. Cryptocynic
4. The Swing
5. Daemonique
6. Firegate
7. Less Than Zero
8. Murder
9. Nero Dies
10. Hateland
11. Pesticide

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Thrash Metal

" Depression Tank marks the 20 year anniversary of Dead Head, a thrash band from Zwolle, The Netherlands that has been making thrash metal since its formation in 1989 "

" This fifth album does not suddenly introduce female vocals, keyboards, forced melodic downfalls or other misplaced ingredients into the sound of the band. Instead, it’s another raw, pure and energetic work of thrash. Dead Head plays good old thrash metal in the best Kreator, old Sadus and Slayer style, but have created from the beginning their own typical trademarks in their music. Very aggressive vocals, lots of melody and solo’s in their songs and also brilliant slower technical parts to give this kind of thrash the dynamic and power it needs to have"

Depressive Tank is no less than a murderous package of truly aggressive, adrenaline-pumped up and intense thrash metal !

For fans of Dew Scented, Kreator etc......Killer !

TTHHHRRAASSHHHH....!!!!!!! ..........Get It?

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