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Immolation - Stepping on Angels... Before Dawn (1995)

1. Relentless Torment
2. Holocaust
3. Rigor Mortis
4. Warriors of Doom
5. Immolation
6. Dawn of Possession
7. Internal Decadence
8. Burial Ground
9. Despondent Souls
10. Infectious Blood
11. Despondent Souls ('90)
12. Burial Ground (live)
13. Infectious Blood (live)
14. Immolation (live)
15. Despondent Souls (live)
16. Dawn of Possession (live)

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

Tracks 1, 2 & 3 from 'Decomposed' Demo (1987; as Rigor Mortis)
Track 4 from 'Warriors of Doom' Demo (1987; as Rigor Mortis)
Tracks 5 & 6 from 'Immolation' Demo (1988)
Tracks 7, 8 & 9 from 'Immolation' Demo (1989)
Track 10 'Infectious Blood' (later renamed 'Fall In Disease') was also recordedfrom the same '89 session but the band would just make it a three song tape.
Track 11 'Despondent Souls' recorded in January 1990 for the first "At Death'sDoor" compilation but never ended up on the compilation album due to the timingof that record's release.
88-89 Live ( Tracks 12-15)"Burial Ground", "Infectious Blood", & "Immolation"Recorded at "Streets", New Rochelle, NY Dec 3, 1988"Despondent Souls" & "Dawn of Possession"Recorded in Belle Vernon, PA June 17, 1989
Track 16 is extra long because it's actually 3 tracks in one. After "Dawn ofPossession" finishes, another track starts around 3:40 which is actually a livecover of Autopsy - Charred Remains from their 1988 demo "Critical Madness",followed by a live cover of Sepultura - Morbid Visions (starts at about 7:45).

" This collection of early works and pre-release versions of classics from the first album shows Immolation developing from old school death metal to a proto-technical level while simultaneously differentiating the band in concept and image. A glimpse into the mind of this developing musical force is like a cross-section of metal history as concepts develop from variants on known quantities to an evocative voice of will isolated in these individuals "

" Known in their early days as Rigor Mortis (no relation to the Texas band), the band moved from punkish songs with pop construction in verse and chorus directness, sounding in many ways similar to Slaughter (Canada) or Master, toward a nihilistic and raw death metal sound applied with a level of destructivity blanketing the listener in crushing riffs "

This compilation is a look into what would become one of the most well known bands in Death Metal History !

Nailed To The Cross !..........Get It!

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