Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chronic Torment - Wind of Infections (2008)

1. Wind of Infections
2. Born In Sin
3. Demonished
4. Urban Death
5. Alcoholocaust
6. Blood on My Knife
7. Abyss

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Chronic Torment deliver their third album with brutal efficiency. Employing a crushing sound that walks the line between early Vader, early Pestilence and a dash of Morbid Angel, they stick out from their peers in that they don't produce the typical Dismember/Entombed worship "

" Killer old school riffs, grinding chords,creepy atmosphere (via subtle keys)...Classic Van Drunen sounding vokills..and a earthy..not over done production. These guys put out a crushing demo as Sacretomia back in 1992..now changed name..But still great death metal done the old way "

Hardworking bands putting out independent records themselves....deserve your attention...Go and buy a tee or CD from these guys !

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