Thursday, March 19, 2009

Centaurus-A - Side Effects Expected (2009)

1. The Praying Mantis
2. Narcotic
3. Drop Off
4. Morning Tremble
5. The Ease
6. Incident / Accident
7. Arson
8. Dripping Red Canvas
9. Selfmade Cage
10. Resistance Ain´t Futile

Origin - Germany
Style - Technical Death Metal

" Formed in 2000, Centaurus-A recorded a few demos before beginning the work on their debut in 2007, and though it took nearly two years to finalize'Side Effects Expected'.... the results were worth the wait "

" Side Effects Expected offers the listener ten tracks of technical death metal that at times reminds of Necrophagist and other high class technical acts like that. Yet these Germans know when to tone down a bit and let a groove take over all the display of high speed virtuoso guitar trickery.“The Praying Mantis” bursts into life with all out brutality. Extremely competent musicianship and fierce vocals are the order of the day...Catchy grooves underlay the violent aggression and soaring solos really break things up. Most of the tracks that follow do use the same formula...But you will hear several genre's across the board "

This is a monstrous debut and a band that cant be taken lightly in the future !

Fans of Necrophagist, Obscura, Etc.....Get On Board !

Intelligence Inverted !...........Huh?

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