Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Suffocation - Pierced from Within (1995)

1. Pierced from Within
2. Thrones of Blood
3. Depths of Depravity
4. Suspended in Tribulation
5. Torn into Enthrallment
6. The Invoking
7. Synthetically Revived
8. Brood of Hatred
9. Breeding the Spawn

Origin - USA
Style - Brutal Technical Death Metal

" What does one write about an album such as Pierced From Within? Is there anything that hasn’t already been said, and would I be doing the album a disservice by trying to capture its essence into words?...Every time I hear this album I am astounded at how good it sounds, even 14 years after its original release. Suffocation surely brought a unique sound and approach to the death metal scene and though many bands have tried, no one has been able to fully capture the sound and the feel that this band possesses "

" Suffocation just might have been at the top of their game here in many ways. After the somewhat disappointing (but still decent)-"Breeding The Spawn" effort, they quickly bounced back with a definite winner in "Pierced From Within". Where the previous album Could have been a masterpiece with a decent production, this one not only boasts a sublimely brutal production, but several other notable improvements as well....Frank Mullen's vocals improved tenfold , The compositions are tight, intense, focused, and containing a grab-bag of dense, manic riffs and solos that the bionic Hobbs/Cerrito-duo were so famous for "

Pierced From Within simply is one of the best technical death metal albums of all time period ! And an essential album from the history of death metal......

Underworld Hall Of Fame !

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