Monday, January 19, 2009

Morpheus Descends - Ritual Of Infinity (1992)

1. The Way of All Flesh
2. Corpse Under Glass
3. Immortal Coil
4. Trephanation
5. Proclaimed Creator
6. Accelerated Decreptitude
7. Submerged in Adipocere
8. Enthralled to Serve
9. Ritual of Infinity

10. Trephanation
11. Triformed Limbs
12. Stigmatic Crucifixion
13. Residual Kill
14. Accelerated Decreptitude

Tracks 10-14 are from the Adipocere 7 inch tracks (Morpheus)

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" An often overlooked but nonetheless hugely influential component of the New York Death Metal scene, Morpheus Descends has been praised by bands such as Suffocation as originators of this technical, dark and sludgy groove oriented vein of death metal "

" The track's on this debut album show death metal in various tempos, oppressive melodies, deep growling vocals and crunching guitars with leads. Morpheus Descends plays in the good old tradition so you know what to expect and certainly expect no surprises. Keeping in mind that these are old recordings you know where the Ney York style bands get their inspiration from "

This is an underground classic........

Go Ahead.........Get It!

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