Thursday, January 15, 2009

Abramelin - ST (1995)

1. Misfortune
2. Grave Ideals (Nekromaniak)
3. Spiritual Justice
4. Humble Abode
5. Stargazer (The Summoning)
6. Stargazing (Stargazer II)
7. Deprived Of Afterlife
8. Invocation
9. Cantara (Dead Can Dance cover)

Origin - Australia
Style - Death Metal

" Abramelin's self-titled debut album is a demonically heavy, crushingly brutal and breathtakingly technical metal record that wades waist deep in gore of a level so visceral as to leave virtually any other band of their kind reeling in disbelief "

" Musically, this is a masterful album. By 1995, goregrind was a genre that was already running out of ideas and it would have been easy for Abramelin, a band that formed as Acheron around the same time as Cannibal Corpse, to merely go with the flow. Fortunately this was a band comprised of some remarkable musicians with an obvious if sinister purpose. Guitarist Tim Aldridge is clearly the star here. The technical aspects of his riffing and the complexity of his arrangements are simply mind-blowing. His playing is sharp and brutally aggressive but still possessed of a very clever melodic sense, and his lead playing is stylish in a late-era Carcass fashion. If that's not all, he throws in a gloomy classical guitar piece slap bang in the middle of the gruelling corpse-fucking epic "Stargazer". Behind Aldridge is the faultless time-keeping of one of the country's best but mostly unsung metal drummers in Euan Heriot, a natural and fluid player who blasts without falling back on triggers and tricks. Topping it all off is Simon Dower, who delivers his lines in a bowel-quakingly guttural roar "

Abramelin is one of the greatest Death Metal bands from austrailia... And after allowing this album to mince your soul you will surely understand why....Essential listening !

Requested by Machine

Relish The Blood !........And Then !

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