Thursday, January 8, 2009

Insision - Beneath the Folds of Flesh (2002)

1. World Impaled
2. Trapped Within
3. Sado God
4. Temple of Flesh
5. Rewind into Chaos
6. Impamiiz Graa
7. My Fever
8. Before My Altar
9. Ex Oblivione

Origin - Sweden
Style - Brutal Death Metal

" Those with a taste for the heavier end of the musical spectrum have come to the right place. Insision's full-length debut is a relentless collection of deadly death metal . Akin to the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, these Swedish men have quite surprisingly avoided the stereotypical "Scandinavian metal" album, leaving the trademark symphonic guitars behind for a more brutal thrash approach "

" Beneath the Folds of Flesh leaves the listener battered and bruised, viciously mauling your ears with song after song of razor-edged intensity. "Sado God," "Rewind Into Chaos," and "Impamizz Graa" never release their grip from your throat, savagely choking you with remarkable force until your skin is cold. Lyrically, Insision avoids the clich├ęd death metal style of blood and guts, and instead takes time to tell outlandish tales of the days of yore, though few may be capable of distinguishing the demonic growls of Carl Birath "

American styled Death Metal from Sweden ?.....Who knew?

Meant to Suffer!.......Get It!

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