Monday, January 19, 2009

The Batallion - Stronghold of Men (2008)

1. The Spirit of Masculinity
2. Born in a Grave
3. Detonate
4. Man to Man (Warfare)
5. Victims
6. Smoke em Out
7. Hate at Last Sight
8. Tension in the Stronghold
9. March of the Veterans
10. Prove Your Pain
11. Last Dawn

Origin - Norway
Style - Blackened Death/Thrash Metal

" Formed in the summer of 2006 in Bergen, Norway, this group of talented musicians have members from legendary bands like ‘Old Funeral’, ‘Grimfist’, ‘Taake’ and ‘Borknagar’ to name a few. Their spirit and hunger is based on their passion for that old 80’s death/thrash metal feel "

" This album is a Thrash Metal kick in the teeth, a reflective burst of Tankards steely angst and Destructions lacerating vocal gurgle. The whole musical experience here is high octane; head banging retro thrash with a modern punch. Of the eleven numbers here you will discover a wide range of tempos and solid guitar arrangements. Stud Bronson’s vocals rasp away like a chainsaw and there are some tasty solo's also "

This is a must for fans of ‘Desaster’, ‘Destruction’, and early ‘Sodom’. It is a classic barrage of extreme dirty death/thrash metal from the 80’s but with a modern approach....So grab a beer and give these guys a listen for a thrashing good time !

Fist Raising And Downright Dirty !......Get It!

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