Thursday, January 15, 2009

Havok - Being And Nothingness (2009)

1. Avaye Penhan
2. The Monsoon
3. A Pyrrhic Victory For Humanity
4. Iniquity
5. Paramount
6. Monologue With the Sky
7. Century of the Deviant
8. Stormfeed
9. The Ambulant Plague of Humans
10. Season of the Locust

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Havok's full length debut "

" This band is quickly becoming one of my favorite new-comers...After the terrific Ep 'Apathy Esplanade' 2008...Havok unleashes...What I would call Sophisticated Death Metal...What I mean is: Structures and tempo changes that arent your usual chugga...chugga riff patterns "

" This is in the Brutal Death Metal camp for sure but with some quite cool experimental atmospheric touches within the guitar work. Imagine some weird melodies and moody type of post rock elements packed between brutal blasts and freaky kinds of riffs. These are longer tracks than most..So I find that the more you listen the better it gets ! "

I hear fellow swede's Anata as a reference point..And Havok follows the same path of Highly artistic Creations......

This record does contain the songs from the ep..but with a better production !

Take a listen to one of the more adventurous and original sounding acts out there.

Propelled By Torture !........You Will !

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  1. this album is amazing... it cames to refresh my discography inside the death genre