Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lubricant - Swallow the Symmetric Swab (Demo) 1991

1. Telesyphilis of Exfetation
2. Paralysis Bulbaris
3. Imperious Radiopraxis (Tabidus Scatter)
4. Inflammatorius Pulmonectomia
5. Pulpectomy

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Lubricant started in the beginning of the year 1991.The Guys had been playing speed metal under the name O.V.D. for some years, but after performing live for the very last time March 22nd 1991, it was time for a change. Since then they released one demotape and one mcd/mlp and played various gigs mostly in Finland, but also in Germany and Sweden. After small line-up change ( Aki - guitar, Antti - drums ) the band played few gigs and then broke-up in the beginning of 1994 "

" Only released on cassette...Their sound is groovy,Death metal with the medical song titles and lyrics. Later on they went to a more Death&roll concoction "

Pretty Rare demo from the old days !......

Omphalorrhoe from Phytoprotoplasma?......Ah....Whatever !
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