Monday, January 26, 2009

Seance - Saltrubbed Eyes (1993)

1. Soulerosion
2. 13th Moon
3. Saltrubbed Eyes
4. Controlled Bleeding
5. Angelmeat (Part II)
6. 'Til Death Do Us Join
7. Sanctum
8. Skinless
9. Hidden Under Scars

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Seance's second album, 1993's Saltrubbed Eyes, would also be their last...Until reforming recently with the top notch 'Awakening Of The Gods' lp "

" A textbook 1990's death metal band from Sweden, Linköping's Seance most closely resemble early Entombed or Edge of Sanity with their sludgy death metal crush; their mid-level complexity and mid-paced brutality. Breaking down the music: they add a few symphonic accents to "Angelmeat (Part II)," bring nicely evil harmonies to close the title track, or the odd clean-picked melody lines to instrumental "Hidden Under Scars," that Seance achieve their most distinctive moments "

" Seance served like an incubator for later bands such as Witchery, The Haunted etc..Although I prefer Seance myself...Yeah Im Old !!....But Fuck it !

This is a lost treasure of an album from a day that is not forgotten !

Ahh....The Blessing of Death !