Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Axis Powers - Pure Slaughter (2005)

1. Atomic Winter
2. Pure Slaughter
3. Panzerblitz
4. Death in the East
5. Superior Stand
6. Soft Rotten Flesh
7. Evil Warriors
8. Ashes
9. I am Anyone
10. Hun in the Sun
11. Out of Order
12. Suicide Fuck (Abscess cover)
13. Superior Stand (taken from Tribute to I-17 split)
14. Land on Fire (taken from Tribute to I-17 split)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Hell Yeah ! Underworld follower Gorth gave me this idea..."

" This is one of the few "real" death metal releases in the last few years...Another under-ground band playing the killer Old-School Style "

" Musically...'Pure Slaughter' has everything for the Swedish Old-School addict: 100% authentic Guitar sound from the sunlight days...Tracks that resemble Nihilist,Dismember,Carnage,Crematory etc., Straight forward songs that have no-frills...Just Brutal and Raw ! "

Axis Powers is not a re-invention of the wheel...But ancient Old-School worship at its finest !

For Fans of Kaamos,Repugnant and Any Ancient Death Metal....

Knights Of The Old Code !.......Get It!

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