Saturday, January 24, 2009

Agony - The First Defiance (1988)

1. Storm of the Apocalypse
2. The First Defiance
3. Execution of Mankind
4. Mass Manipulation
5. Night of the Emperor
6. Shadow of Fear
7. Madness Reigns
8. Deadly Legacy

Origin - Sweden
Style - Thrash Metal

" Agony is one of the most overlooked bands in the history of thrash metal. The fact that they are Swedish makes things even better..."

" “The first defiance” is a masterpiece on pretty much all accounts. There are riffs-a-fucken-plenty that guarantee your head will be bangin and there’s some serious fuck en songwriting going on. These guys had it all figured out; they took the best parts of the Bay Area scene, molded it into their own concoction and ended up with a fantastic album "

" Coming from a punk background (and formerly being known as Agoni – the Swedish word for “agony”, of course), “The first defiance” left the punk influences behind and concentrated on the ABC of magnificent thrash fucking metal with all sorts of time changes and ripping solo's....But its the awesome riffs that set this one apart ! "

If this album had today's powerful productions...This would be a legend!......In my mind it is anyway !

If you claim to be a serious thrash fan and don't know these guys?.......Please up-grade your knowledge and find this at all costs......

Crank It Up !

Thrash For Life !.........No Other Way !
Right Here Fuckers......

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