Saturday, January 10, 2009

Satyricon - The Age of Nero (2008)

1. Commando
2. The Wolfpack
3. Black Crow on a Tombstone
4. Die by My Hand
5. My Skin Is Cold
6. The Sign of the Trident
7. Last Man Standing
8. Den Siste

9. My Skin is Cold (EP Version)
10. Live Through Me (Live)
11. Existential Fear-Questions (Live)
12. Repined Bastard Nation (Live)
13. Mother North (Live)
14. The Pentagram Burns (Radio Edit)
15. Last Man Standing (Guitar Wall mix)
16. Den Siste (Analog mix)

Tracks 9-16 bonus second disc

Origin - Norway
Style - Black Metal

" Satyricon's sound has evolved over the years from basic black metal to groovier, more accessible black 'n roll.On this their seventh LP..Things are no different "

" The Age Of Nero is similar to their last CD Now Diabolical. The songs are mostly mid tempo with relatively few blast beats. Frost cuts loose periodically, but for the most part the drums are more groovy than brutal. Satyricon still has some of the traditional black metal vibe, but those moments of bleakness quickly transition into something more melodic "

" The riffs are simple, yet effective. The arrangements are pretty sparse as the band uses a less is more approach and avoids having layers of keyboards and other atmospherics. Instead the melodies and riffs take center stage, and with each listen seem to become a little catchier. "Black Crow On A Tombstone" for instance...was in my head for a week after hearing it "

The Age Of Nero won't satisfy those who want the old school style of their early days, but if you've enjoyed Satyricon's recent output, this one will hit the spot.

The Forest Is My Throne !.......Get It!

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