Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dead Man's Hand - The Combination (2009)

1. Capaci Bomb
2. Body in the Barrel
3. Hostile Respect
4. The Last Stand
5. Bloodstained Hands
6. Castigate
7. Guillotine
8. Taste the Metal
9. Knuckledusted
10. The Combination

Origin - Norway

Style - Thrash/Death Metal

" Dead Man's Hand can be described as a blend of modern up-tempo thrash and down to mid tempo death metal...Think The Haunted,At The Gates, etc with some Slayer mosh parts "

" This is their debut and a very good one indeed. All the tracks are aggressive as well as the vocal's..A mixture of throat-shredding roars and the deep death metal growls. The production is good and everything sounds well balanced "

For Fan's of The Haunted, At The Gates, and Any Swedish death/Thrash bands !

Buy It!...If You Like It!

They have it here..

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