Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Konkhra - Nothing Is Sacred (2009)

1. Prelude To Perversion
2. Hail To The King
3. Religion Is A Whore
4. Breathe The Fear
5. Killswitch
6. Nothing Is Sacred
7. Legacy Of Truth
8. Sufficient To Sicken
9. The Race
10. I Defy
11. The Promise Of Antagonism

Origin - Denmark
Style - Death Metal

" Denmark’s Konkhra, who celebrate their 20 year anniversary in 2009, release their 6th album Nothing Is Sacred "

" Nothing Is Sacred features James Murphy on lead guitar, and introduces both 20-year-old guitarist Michael Skovbakke and one of Denmark’s fastest drummers Mads Lauridsen "

" This shit is as heavy as a sledge hammer...and damn catchy too....with a chunky production and brutal drums..and of course the solo's from murphy top it off !

2009 is off and running.....

Uncompromising !.........Get It!

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