Friday, January 30, 2009

Ghamorean - Plaguempire (2005)

1. Wretch
2. Existence Without God
3. Project Sulphur Hate
4. Shackled
5. Parasite
6. Sirens for the Weak
7. Enigma of Human Deceit

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Black Metal

" Ghamorean is From Umea, Sweden. The band has been around for a while but they had only released 1 demo before this Debut in 2005"

" Their music is pretty vicious, evil and dark but yet dynamic and varied. People will probably think of endless blast-beats, shrieking vocals and tremolo guitars with poor variation when they hear or read death/black metal. But that's not the case here. Ghamorean is a band that has taken influences from the Norwegian black metal scene and mixed them with ingredients of modern death metal....To arrive at something really interesting "

" All the members deliver a splendid mix of pale vicious black metal and heavy hammer-slamming death metal. The vocals on this album sound like a raspy sort of Tompa like thing...Really good . The production is clear and you can hear everything separately. Many songs have great tempo transitions, like the track ''Shackled'' for example. The intro is incredibly intense, the tempo is lowered a bit but it is compensated by some impressive shredding and catchy drumming. And finally the tempo is lowered even more, and right after that the pace is turned up once again "

All in all a fine debut....And we will be hearing more from these guys ..As they have released a new one in late 2008...More on that one later...

Go Ahead !.......Check It Out!
Somewhere....Over There..

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