Friday, January 16, 2009

Devilyn - XI (2005)

1. The Counting of Quartered Heavens
2. The Enemy Within
3. Faith
4. The List
5. Degrade Flower
6. God Eater
7. Charming Maidens With No Skin
8. The Seven Virtues of Divine
9. Searching For The Beauty

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" Devilyn's 4th full-length, “XI”, is ultimately the band's best! "

" From the bands beginning years (about 10 years past), the technicality alongside the brutality keeps getting more vicious and precise. To those of you a little unfamiliar with Poland's Devilyn, they are kind of similar to Vader and Decapitated with more technical riffs! “XI”, or just “11”, consists of 9 tracks (8, without the 45 second intro) and is a very short 25 minutes playing time. Have the numbers confused you yet? Nevertheless, Devilyn boast of thunderous bass riffs, shredding rhythmic & technical lead guitars, absolutely brutal & precise pounding on the drums and Lord Worm-like vokills. “XI” is both diverse and uncompromisingly aggressive "

Fans of Decapitated, Vader and other well-produced, blasting death metal with a sense of brutal groove will likely dig this album.....

Songs Of Suffering !.........Are Here !

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