Friday, January 2, 2009

Mordicus - Dances from Left (1993)

01. I Bleed to See
02. Blood Under Ice
03. Eternia
04. Cybernetic Summer
05. Unholy Wrath
06. Cosmocrators of Tartaros
07. Oceans
08. Flames Beneath My Sleep
09. A Thorn in Holy Flesh
10. Christcide

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Mordicus belonged to this 1st wave of Finnish death metal bands that got their albums released during 1991-94, and most of these Finnish death metal releases, became instant favorites among death metal fans all over the world. Since Mordicus´ Dances From Left was a relatively limited edition-wise (just like so many other releases from Thrash Records unfortunately tended to be - only 1500 copies were ever printed), it soon became a true target for many hunters of rare death metal "

" Dances From Left contains 10 tracks: brutal, straight, crushing and highly explosive death metal with enough melodies thrown in to satisfy the ones who also demand more than an instant brutality and aggression from death metal of your likings. Mordicus made a truly pummelling and beautifully slaying death metal back in the day, and they should have deserved more recognition than they actually gained for themselves when they were unleashing all the little beasts of theirs out from their dark cellar during the early 90s "

" One of the most noteworthy Finnish death metal releases back in the golden age"

A Thorn in Holy Flesh !.......Get It!

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