Friday, May 29, 2009

Vomination - Yog-Sothoth - Demo (2005)

1. A Cold Wind of Sorrow
2. Yog-Sothoth
3. Vomination

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Black Metal

" Arising from the ashes of death-thrashers Ravaged. Brutal mix of old school death and black metal with a slight touch of more current style Death Metal, guttural growls and tortured screams "

" Vomination recorded this demo in studio Ubbo-Sathla providing us with a combination of old school brutal death metal and melodic death/black metal. The Guitar riffs are heavy and quite technical changing from massive to melodic and atmospheric. Drums are supporting with double bass parts and dragging rhythyms. Vocals are the brutal growls and hatefilled screams. Sound is obscure which is great for this style. Good demo with nice combination of styles..Ditch the pig squeals.... Tho.."

Re-released in July 2006 by Blood Harvest Records

Circle of Hate!.....Get It!

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