Friday, May 22, 2009

Rape The Dead - ...Kill The Living - Ep (2009)

1. Leave It To My Beaver Cleaver
2. Mutual Mastication
3. An Orifice And A Gentleman
4. Rotisserie Fetus

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Interesting find here....Band put together through the internet!
Basically...Rape the Dead was formed in October, 2008 by Chris Catharsis and Mark Hawkins with the goal of creating Crushing death metal. In January, 2009 they got a vocal contribution from Martin Moody and finished this internet Ep "

" I have to say...I am impressed...Dark, Heavy Death Metal with scorching solo's and deep gutteral vocal's. The songwriting is spot on...Somewhat technical but well played and a clear production finishes it off "

These guys also have a technical Thrash Metal project going to...Kongregation....And this kicks ass also !

If someone doesn't sign these guys.....I might do it myself (A project I have been talking about for years...My own label! )

Do yourself a favor...Check this stuff out....Seriously Great Shit !

Death Dealer Records !.......Get It!

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