Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tribulation - The ascending dead - Demo (2005)

1. Island of the flesh eaters
2. Cannibal feast
3. C.H.V: The gore attack
4. Soul tribulation

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 1st Demo....After changing their name from 'Hazard' to 'Tribulation' "

" Formed in (Arvica) in 2001,Originally a thrash band. Changed style's and names and became the new up-and coming force that they are. Releasing the awesome "The Horror" in 2009....These guys are on the rise ! "

" This demo saw them developing their Raw Death Metal style, Violent, Classic old sound with a primitive production.....Tape version released in 2006 on Zombie Ritual Tapes (Blood Harvest)....Get a copy if you can....Very cool shit here !

Dalen asked for this about 6 months ago !......Sorry bro...

Agony Awaits !.........Get It!

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