Sunday, May 10, 2009

Forsaken - After the Fall (2009)

01. Tenebrarum (Intro)
02. Aidenn Falls
03. Sins of the Tempter
04. The Lord Sayeth
05. Vanguards of the Void
06. Armida's Kiss
07. The Sage
08. Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)
09. Metatron and the Mibor Mythos

Origin - Malta

Style - Doom Metal

" Forsaken has established themselves as an outfit made up of accomplished, excellent musicians from Malta, Who produce Epic Doom Metal.....This is their fourth release "

" 'After The Fall' Storms out of the gate.(After an intro) With a thundering,Crushing riff followed by the soaring vocals of Leo Stivala and THE DOOM record of 2009 so far...Is Unleashed... "

" Using the word ´epic´ is perhaps also more than a fitting word when describing the outcome of the Lp.. because that´s what this album is all about: Epic and traditional doom metal that takes its listener on an incredible journey.And this album has the marvellous guitar skills of Sean Vukovic, a man with speed in his fingers but also the ultimate blues feel...And the riffs...Oh The riffs...Gigantic...Sabbathy riffs Piled on and on..without ever getting tired "

Im here to tell you...This album is simply stunning !......An epic piece of art !

And ATF eats Candlemass for breakfast.....Believe it !

Look for this one in my end of year list....I dont see how it could not be at this point...Even with 7 months to go.....

Confessing My Desolation!.........Get IT!

Doom There....

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