Monday, May 18, 2009

Sadus - Swallowed in Black (1990) Remastered

1. Black
2. Man Infestation
3. Last Abide
4. The Wake
5. In Your Face
6. Good Rid'nz
7. False Incarnation
8. Images
9. Powers of Hate
10. Arise
11. Oracle of Obmission
12. Kill Team [demo]
13. Fight or Die [demo]

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" Swallowed in Black" (2nd full length) is biting, raw, technical, full-throttle thrash metal with early death metal leanings "

" Sadus fall somewhere between Slayer and early Death. Some of the songs included on the band' sophomore release are ultra fast. Every time I listen to "Swallowed in Black", or any Sadus for that matter, what makes them stick out from the thrash metal hordes is the vocals of Darren Travis and the insane bass performance of Steve DiGiorgio. The bass guitar is one instrument that is often buried in the mix on many thrash albums. That is certainly not the case here. Each and every note that DiGiorgio plays is heard clearly "

" The rest of the band is equally impressive. The music on "Swallowed in Black" isn't sloppy whatsoever, unlike some other bands whose music is played with such a manic fury. Rather, this band is tight. Fast double bass, insane guitar solos, etc. A few tracks do have a slight death metal influence, although I don't think that Sadus ever quite cross over into death metal territory. Songs like "False Incarrnation" contain some riffs that remind me of early Carcass or even Death.

Remastered Version.....2007

Holy is the one....who seeks this..

Sadus Attack !..........Get It!

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