Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kongregation - Art In Aggression (2009)

1. Tabula Rasa (Inst)
2. Knelt Before Goliath (Featuring Maximus)
3. Silence The Masses (Inst)
4. The Poison We Consume (Featuring Brutal Todd)
5. Lumbering Giants (Inst)
6. Optical Illusion (Featuring Ville From Mors Principium Est)
7. Within (Inst)
8. Grasp (Inst)
9. Indefinate (Featuring Marty)
10. DoubleSpeak (Inst)
11. Knelt Before Goliath (Inst)
12. The Poison We Consume (Inst)
13. Optical Illusion (Inst)
14. Indefinate (Inst)

Origin - USA
Style - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal

" Holy Cripes !.......This shit is good !.....I told you about these guys a couple posts back...These are the same guitarists from Rape The Dead...And various guest Vocalists...Including Brutal Todd ( Brutal Mastication ) & Ville (Mors Principium Est) & Maximus (Synapse Defect) & Marty (Devour The Dead) "

" The Main Composers and multi instrumentalists are Chris Catharis & Mark Hawkins and these guys rip....And They Provide Strong Song Writing and many spectacular Solo's via Mark H. "

" Kongregation formed in Late June, 2008 as an attempt to make badass internet metal collaboration a reality.And Believe me it is badass !

Crunching Riffery....Ripping Solo's and varied Vocals along with varied tempos makes for a thunderous record...Get A permanent vocalist and these guys should be signed immediately !

I would be damn willing to put this record out......

In an era where internet bands are a regular thing...Heres some really talented and cohesive sounding guys who arent really a band !.....Hard to believe..If you ask me...

Go Ahead !.....Get It!

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