Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blood Red Throne - Souls Of Damnation (2009)

01. The Light, The Hate
02. Harme
03. Throne Of Damnation
04. Human Fraud
05. Demand
06. Your Cold Flesh
07. Prove Yourself Dead
08. Not Turgenjev, But Close
09. Ten Steps Of Purgatory
10. Manifest Of Lies (Bonus Track)
11. Affiliated With The Suffering (Bonus Track)

Origin - Norway
Style - Death Metal

" Norway's answer to Cannibal Corpse...Blood Red Throne throw down their 5th full length "

" B.R.T. no doubt has great musicians...Comprised of guitarists Død (Trioxin, ex-Satyricon) and Tchort (ex-bassist for Emperor, ex-Satyricon, Green Carnation and Carpathian Forest) and bass supremo Erlend Caspersen (Trioxin, Deeds of Flesh, Emeth, Spawn of Possession). And a loud and clear production on this record "

" The tracks: Mostly mid-tempo crushers....Mixing american death metals finest..C.C., Morbid Angel, Deicide with a scandanavian melodic touch to it all. I would have preferred more brutallity..As it seems this Lp is very safe...Much like the last record 'Come Death'. None the Less..it is still a quality piece of death metal "

Blood Red Throne fans: ...Its a continuation....Of the last Lp
Death Metal Fans : Check it out...It is a strong record
Musicians: Check out one of the great bassist's around Erlend Caspersen...And you can actually hear the bass in many tracks....

Overall?......This album perhaps occupies the fine line of being able to satisfy existing death-heads and still being accessible enough to bring newer fans into the genre.....

Whispers Of Death !........They Get It!
Right There....

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