Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rogatye Trupoedy - Circvs Ov Sins: Enter The Vices (2009)

1. Welcome To The Show (Intro)
2. SnakeLust (Pokhot')
3. Sakharnaya Smert' (Obzhorstvo)
4. Len' I Plamya (Lenost')
5. Tvoy Malen'kiy Seyf... (Alchnost')
6. Die, Die, Bitch! (Zavist')
7. Death By The Thread (Gordynya)
8. Jungle Revenge (Gnev)
9. Grand Finale (Outro)

Origin - Russia
Style - Death Metal

" 2nd release from Rogatye Trupoedy (Horned Necrocannibals) from (Moscow) "

" This new album has nine tracks telling of the seven deadly sins in the context of a wandering circus big top. Musically this album is quite progressive to my ears...In other words..These guys can play ! "

" The record has many moods and can be brutal at times and slow down at others. A strong production backs this Lp..Featuring The Drummer from progressive Death Metal masters Hieronymus Bosch "

Progressive and Technical Death Metal fan's take note !.......

Open Your Mind !.........Get It!

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