Friday, May 8, 2009

Adramelech - Psychostasia (1996)

1. Heroes in Godly Blaze
2. Psychostasia
3. Seance of Shamans
4. The Book of the Worm
5. Thoth (Lord of the Holy Words)
6. Mythic Descendant
7. As the Gods Succumbed
8. Across the Gray Waters

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Born in 1991, Adramelech released the Grip Of Darkness demo and got a deal with Adipocere Records which lead to the Spring Of Recovery EP in 1993. The band's next move was the The Fall demo which brought them to Repulse Records. Repulse fit the band on one of its compilations and released The Fall as a 3" MCD. The band's first CD proper appeared in 1996. Recorded at Tico Tico studio (Impaled Nazarene, Sentenced, etc.), the album established the band as one of the heavier Finnish bands with Demilich and Demigod "

" So we are talking about Adramelech's debut album from the forgotten era in death metal music, year 1996,and it is one of the rare gems from those times. Adramelech featured a couple of Demigod members..You know it cant be anything but Killer "

" 'Psychostasia' is an album, that is simultaneously demanding and alternating in its small space, but hugely catchy and very solid without any ill-placed element. The band was able to match hooky riffage, interesting turns and aggressiveness of a tank. The band wrote tens or hundreds of brutal, mystical, domineering and headbangable riffs and spiced it all with good lead guitar work. The songs are mainly fast, but there's slower parts as well as atmosphere-dripping ones, too. Hellishly lot of double bass drumming is heard! The lyrics handle ancient mythologies (eg. Vikings', Egyptians' and Greeks'), but the melody lines are nothing like Viking metal or Mesopotamian metal ones, but truly old school death metal "

Finnish Death Metal Supreme !

Worship the corpse !.........Get It?
Hear !...............

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