Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Necrophobic - Death to All (2009)

1. Celebration of the Goat
2. Revelation 666
3. La Satanisma Muerte
4. For those who stayed Satanic
5. Temple of Damnation
6. The Tower
7. Wings of Death
8. Death to All

Origin - Sweden
Style - Black/Death Metal

" 6th full-length from the Satanic Swedish Crew "

" Necrophobic has been around since the early days of Swedish Death Metal....Playing Blackened Death metal of the highest order....These guys do not compromise...No melo music...No clean vocals .....Only blasphemous,Evil Music"

" This album is no different...It starts out Fast and stays fast....Furious Blackened Death Metal to the bone ! "

Recommended !!

In The Realm Of Terror !........Get It!
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1 comment:

  1. You have spelled the title "La Satanisma Muerte" wrong.
    The correct title should be "LA SANTISIMA MUERTE"

    Damn good album!!!