Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Masachist - Death March Fury (2009)

1. Unveil The Grave
2. Inborn Obedience
3. Womb
4. Open The Wounds
5. Noxious
6. Malicious Cleansing
7. Appearance Of The Worm
8. Crush Them!!!
9. Death Shall March

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" A new Death Metal outfit put together by Thrufel (guitarist known from Azarath and Yattering) and Daray (drummer of Vader, Vesania and Neolithic). Featuring vocals from Wojciech "Sauron"/"Pig" Wisowicz of Decapitated and Anal Stench fame "

" Brutal Death metal is what we have here.....Fast...Punishing tracks...but very short...26 minutes!...Full length>26 mins...Nah..Ep maybe.....Anyway...Fans of crushing technical polish death metal..check it out...

Sauron Lives !........Get It!

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