Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Disparaged - The Wrath of God (2009)

1. Caught In the Fire
2. Tales of Creation
3. Reborn
4. The Wrath of God
5. Dying Seed
6. The Burial
7. Under Foreign Flag
8. Thy Will
9. Mask of Worms
10. Swallow the Earth
11. Bringer of Death

Origin - Switzerland
Style - Death Metal

" Third full length from Disparaged...Featuring Tom Kuzmic - Guitar, Vocals (Cataract) "

" 3 years after 'Blood Source' (A Fine Album)...We have 'The Wrath Of God' here...Running closely to the danish monsters Illdisposed...You can expect Catchy,Heavy handed riffing with mucho grooves and some blistering solo's also"

" The vocals sound like The Monolithic Deathcult in some parts...Deep growls that are nicely done. There is a ton of energy on this record...And a huge production care of Jacob Hansen and his famous studios "

Overall a Varied, Technically sound,Bruiser of a Lp......

Recommended for fans of Illdisposed and such....

Bloodstained Hands!..........Now !
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  1. my favorite album of the year so far!!!