Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cerekloth - Pandemonium Prayers - Ep (2008)

7" Cover

Cd Cover

1. Pandemonium Prayers
2. Lunatic of Gods Creation (Deicide cover)
3. Touch of the Scythe

Origin - Denmark
Style - Death Metal

" Ex- Members of Church Bizarre bring the Death Back into Metal"

" All of you should already own most of the Blood Harvest stuff by now....Don't you?....What are you waiting for...This shit is limited and will be on fucking ebay next year going for 5 times the cost "

" Cerekloth loads up on the brutal sounding Swedish Death Metal style...And this 3 tracker kills !......More original tracks would have been cool, But the Deicide cover is fantastic..."

Hopefully Cerekloth have a full-length in the works...Cause this shit is just too short....My only complaint...You listening?

Go Ahead !...........Get It!

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