Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cauterizer - Then the Snow Fell...Ep (2008)

1. Then The Snow Fell
2. Open Your Eyes
3. Never Give Birth
4. Chained To Reality

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Formed in (Stenhamra) in 1989...Cauterizer featured members who would be in such great acts as Coercion,Grave,Bloodstone etc. "

" They actually recorded this demo in 1992....Later released by Wild Rags as a cassette Ep in 1993. And Here re-released by the Awesome Blood Harvest Records as a 7" Ep "

" Cauterizer sound very close to one of my favorites from the era...God Macabre..Heavy Eerie Death Metal with Absolutely Monstrous vocals....But lacking the solos of God Macabre...This has a powerful sound and is another of the lost gems from Sweden !

Mandatory !

Authority of Hate !..........Get It!
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  1. This is excellent...if any of you have any doubts, just get it and see for yourself!