Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sororicide/Chorus Of Ruin - Split (1993)

1. In Your Empty Eyes
2. Godlike
3. In This Church
4. Last Dance

Tracks 1-2 Sororicide
Tracks 3-4 Chorus Of Ruin

Origin - Iceland/United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal/Melodic Doom/Death Metal

" Killer split on 'Rising Realm' Records circa 1993 "

" Chorus Of Ruin was a British doom/Death metal band that originated from the Bradford area. They recorded a demo tape called "Les Miserables" in 1991, the same year the band was formed. A couple of more releases followed until the band broke up in 1996. The two tracks here are Doomy/Gothic sounding with spoken and growled vocals "

" The Sororicide tracks are what were here for.....Awesome Death Metal from the Icelandic crew....I think what these guys had going was a true atmosphere in their music like no other at the time. Heavy Riffing and bizarre melodies make this band truly unique and one of my all timers "

This is worth it for the Sororicide tracks alone !

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  1. Those Chorus Of Ruin songs could have been good with decent production. They're reforming for a one-off show later this year, which will probably be released on mp3 somewhere on the web. Should be a lot better.