Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coffins - The Other Side Of Blasphemy (2006)

1. Blood and Bone
2. The Other Side of Blasphemy
3. Evil Infection
4. Destiny to Suffering
5. Countless Grave
6. Only Corpse
7. Rise

Origin - Japan
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Its about time I got something up here about Tokyo's finest....This is Coffins 2nd full length... and trying to keep up with all these guys releases would take some effort ...As they put out a split or 7" about every other month"

" If you have not heard this band yet...This is a good place to start. Description of music : Hmm... Raw, Aggressive, Punishing, Simplistic Crushing old school darkened death doom metal !....You got all that?...Strings falling off the guitar downtuned riffing at a snails pace mainly, Wretched vokills from deep down under,Bass that sounds like its running through a distortion pedal,Drums..Yeah there are... "

This shit is crippling !.....Pure and simple....Fans of Winter,Hellhammer,Celtic Frost,Autopsy get this without even hearing it first !

Mentally Heavy !.........Get It!
Now !....

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