Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weeping Birth - Anosognosic Industry of the I (2008)

1. Then the Moon Came
2. Hurle à la Mort
3. Totalitarian Grievance
4. I Was
5. Detestable Birth Tapestries with Snakes Embroidered
6. Der Tanz der Toten
7. Vaginal Secretions
8. Orgasmic Fetid Breath
9. Love, Death's Betrothed
10. Immobile
11. Mutisme
12. Shadowless
13. La Mauvais Oeil

Origin - Switzerland
Style - Brutal Black Death Metal

" Weeping Birth is a one man Brutal Black/Death metal project by Vladimir Cochet, also the sole member of Mirrorthrone and Unholy Matrimony. Anosognosic Industry of the I is his third album under the moniker Weeping Birth. It is well within the sub genre of blackened death metal, with references to melodic death metal and progressive metal. The last three tracks also have clear avant garde leanings and even shows influence from ambient music and neoclassical "

" The album starts off with fast paced blast beats, angry guitars and megawatts of obvious talent. The album is extremely brutal and tightly played. The production is mostly crisp and massive, and the compositions are varied and well executed. How a single individual is able to put together an album of such complexity and consistency is simply astounding. Cochet plays guitars, bass and vocals as well as programs synthesizers and drum-machines. The music is violent, dense,and long.....sometimes too long "

" In my opinion: This could have been split into two albums...because at over 73 minutes it is very exhausting and to make it all the way through is a job in itself....However their are some tremendous ideas and playing on this record...Think the faster parts of Zyklon,Emperor,Marduk....."

All in all, if you are a fan of Black/Death metal, it is worth the money....Just try it in two parts....Or not

Kreppnar asked for this one....Listen at your own risk !

Go Ahead Brother !........Get It!

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