Friday, February 6, 2009

Karnarium - Karnarium (2008)

1. Of Groove and Lust
2. Pasupuja
3. 1000 I's
4. Engulfed with a Disgust for Life
5. III (Hammer of Darkness)
6. The Glory of Necrolatry
7. Nihilophobia (The Pointlessness of Being)
8. Wizard of Gore
9. Feral Transmogrifikation

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Formed in 1998...Karnarium has taken 10 years for their debut full length!..With a clutch of demos,splits,e.p.,and a comp of all of it...Its about time for this to be unleashed "

" Karnarium's style reminds me of Crematory...some early Entombed and some touches of early Incantation thrown in for good measure. But this shit sounds obscure and often quite evil....maybe even a touch of suicidal black metal vibe going on also. The production is raw,primitive sounding...I wish the guitars were beefier and less bass(ie)...But it is what it is...Evil,Grinding, Brutish Death Metal "

" Take your time with this one....As it takes a few listens to get the full Horror and Dark mood that this music represents....Obscure?...Yes....But killer none the less !

Mortal Torment !.......For All Who Enter !

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