Monday, February 16, 2009

Panzerchrist - Soul Collector (2000)

1. Das Leben Will Gewonnen Sein
2. P2krieg
3. Der Panzertoter
4. Panzergrenadier
5. Schwars ist Unser Panzer (Ich Batt'einen Kameraden)
6. Unser hochste Ehre
7. Kalt Wie der Finsternis
8. Zum Gegenstoss

Origin - Denmark
Style - Death/Black Metal

" Inspired by the image of the famous German Panzer tank, this Danish band mercilessly crush through eight tracks of outstanding Death/Black metal. The band is aptly named as the music truly makes one think of the plodding, muscular, and unshakable machine of war that Panzerchrist idolize "

" Like the famous German efficiency, the band's musicianship is very tight, the riffs kick ass, and the production is excellent. The lyrics, which are all in German, are delivered in a vocal style that mixes low churning growls with an almost whisper like tone, with higher black metal-like rasps. Amidst these more typical elements found in this type of death metal are some fabulous guitar solos that more than a few times reminded me of Death. The grace of the solos provide a flavorful contrast between themselves and the rumbling no-frills rhythmic elements of the songs "

Fans of Brutal Death Metal mixed with Black metal overtones cannot go wrong here.......A necessity period !

Una máquina de la muerte !.........

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