Thursday, February 26, 2009

Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence (1993)

1. Awakening...
2. Before the Dawn
3. Unholy Prophecies
4. The Nocturnal Silence
5. Inborn Evil
6. The Ancients Gate
7. Sacrificial Rites
8. Father of Creation
9. Where Sinners Burn

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Recorded at Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg handling the production duties..This was Necrophobics Debut album "

" This record did not sound like all the other Entombed clones... even though it was recorded in the same studio with the same producer. This one had more mid range melodies...Such as Dissection or Unanimated "

" Necrophobic actually came up with their own style of dark and occult death metal. Where most other bands concentrated on corpses, death, mutilations and other related topics Necrophobic in the contrary concentrated more on the darker side of life. This resulting in an album which still sounded typical Swedish though definitely with an own touch. The music was brutal but at the same time melodic and the atmosphere was much more sinister, mystical and dark than most other death metal bands around...Even using keys to enhance the evil feeling "

One of the best blackened Death Metal albums of all time !

Aldragon Gets much respect for asking for this mighty piece of history.....

There are some cool bonus tracks also !..........Check it....

Realm of Terror !.......Get It!

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