Friday, February 13, 2009

Supuration - The Cube (1993)

1. Prelude
2. The Elevation
3. Soul's Speculum
4. 138.JP.08
5. The Cube
6. Through the Transparent Partitions
7. Spherical Inner-Sides
8. The Accomplishment
9. 4TX.31B
10. The Dim Light

Origin - France
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Supuration was founded in 1990 and in that same year they released their first demo. Three more singles/EP's followed before the band released their brilliant "The cube" album in 1993. "The cube" is as said death metal but actually this description isn't covering the band's unique sound very well. The songs are indeed based on death metal but Supuration had put a lot of work in coming up with brilliant and unique leadguitar playing and string-picking and because of this Supuration can be recognized out of thousands "

" Also the vocals are based upon death metal with their deep tone but Ludovic also has fantastic clean vocals besides a great deathly voice (one of the better growls in death metal) and this combination of both clean vocals and low growls still wasn't common in death metal in 1993. So in many ways the band was far ahead of their time already with this album. All ten songs on "The cube" are extremely great and never get boring at all and because of the unique playing these songs can't be compared to other bands at all. Unfortunately most people are not even aware of this great band so I really advice everyone to check this fantastic band out....."

Fans of Death/Doom metal check this out !.....They were ahead of their time in my book.....

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