Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Suffer - Structures (1994)

1. Temporary Sane
2. Passionate Structures
3. Lies Within
4. Selected Genes
5. A Frenetic Mind
6. Maginary Homecoming
7. The Killing Culture
8. Freedom Of Speech

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" A fusion of old-school death metal with the newer Swedish style, influenced as much by the thunderous Tampa blasters as anything from Europe, this band delivered solid but basic death metal that was reminiscent of Morgoth Vs Death"

" This rigid, boxy death metal takes its inspiration as much from rudimentary hardcore as from the first generation of death metal, but sustains itself through a continuity of rhythm which even in interruption provides, as the title suggests, a basic sense of structure permeating all of reality. Its riffcraft deals in simplicity but in links the riffs narrate an experience much as classical guitar moves through motifs. Its primary influence is "Spiritual Healing" era Death, in the choice of riff style and placement of vocal rhythm, and it echoes the choices of many early death metal bands in having hardcore-like primitive riffs over which inventive heavy metal lead guitar weaves a rhythm and harmony track "

This is a forgotten classic of Swedish death metal.....

Intense Brainconvulsions !...........Here !

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