Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anasarca - Moribund (2001)

1. Done in Our Name
2. No More
3. If Only...
4. Concrete Tomb
5. Those Who Have Eyes
6. 60 Steps
7. I Will Not Be Broken
8. A Cloud of Smoke
9. I Am
10. Signs of Life
11. Of Life and Death

Origin - Germany
Style - Death Metal

" 2nd full length from this french death machine "

" All lyrics were by murderers on Death Row facing imminent execution.....Heavy shit indeed...But what about the music?..Have no fear...This album is brutal but not in a technical way....In a heavy as fuck way!...The guitars have a very evil, dissonant tone to them and are obviously heavily distorted with a thick top end. Vocals are top notch..A growl that's a little higher in pitch than most and some shrieks also "

If this album had kick ass solos...It would have been legendary...But it still stands as a high octane piece of Brutal ,Uncompromising Death metal of the highest order !

Drowned and Rotten!.......

Get Itttt.....

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